Effective Ways to Remove Lipstick Stains on Mattress

Effective Ways to Remove Lipstick Stains on Mattress

Lipstick stains on the mattress are often a very difficult type of stains to remove, because they leave a striking effect on your mattress. It is very common if you are such a person who cares so much about your makeup, or if your partner uses makeup often. Often than not, such lipstick stain accidents do occur on the mattress. 

Victims of this are often upset each time they discover this has happened or has happened again. But that does not mean the end of the mattress, nor does it mean giving up and letting it be. No! There are effective ways to wrest the situation and restore the mattress. So after a lot of research I collected various methods for getting rid of lipstick stains on mattresses. This is what this article is posited to reveal to you if you read down.

There are four marked out ways that we shall discuss in a very concise but detailed manner, that has been tried over and again. These lipstick stain removal approaches have been tested, and we have enjoyed a handful of eloquent testimonies of its efficacy which has prompted me to put together this brief write up. These methods include, but not limited to the hair spray method, the chlorine method, the soapy water method, and the medical alcohol method, which are the best mattress stain removal techniques/ingredients in general.

These Methods Include;

  • The Hair Spray Method –Sprinkle the hair spray onto the lipstick stain on the mattress and leave it on for ten minutes. After the ten minutes, you can then wash it the traditional way or wipe it with a damp cloth. When this has been done you will discover that the lipstick stain is removed immediately.
  • The Chlorine Method –If the mattresses are white, you can use fabric bleachers such as chlorine. How do you make use of the chlorine to do this? mattress cleaning in Mosman Park has this to instruct: Add a bit of chlorine to the mattress while washing the affected spot. Alternatively, you can wet a cloth with chlorine and rub it within the area stained with lipstick, and you will see for yourself how the fade effects.
  • The Soapy Water Method –Sprinkle a little water on the area of the lipstick stains on the mattressthen apply the anti-lip soap (liquid soap) until it deals with the lipstick fatty substances. Leave it for a quarter of an hour on the mattress, then rub the area of the mattress with the stain with a damp towel and with a little water. Repeat the process if there are still traces of lipstick on the mattress.
  • The Medical Alcohol Method –This is one of the fastest ways to deal with the lipstick stains on the mattress, which has been adopted by professional mattress cleaning agents over time. Add a bit of medicinal alcohol to a cotton ball and then wipe it with a mild scrub. Next is to sprinkle a little water on the stain and rub it with a dry towel.

In Summary

It is advisable to consult with a professional if you have tried all or any of these methods but you are still faced with unexpected results. Carpet Cleaning Mosman Park, is only a call away from your home.